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My Thoughts on Blogging

There are many things that make up a compelling  blog.  The main thing that a blog needs is photos and icons, (anything visual), to catch a person’s eye.  Another thing a blog definitely needs is a catchy title for the page and for the blog entries.  You have to draw someone in before they will want to read what you have to say.  Links are very helpful in a blog because they connect you to the facts and allow you to give your own opinion and feelings.  Videos are also a plus  for all the lazy people who don’t want to take the time to read.  I think a blog should be updated at least once a day, if not more, to keep you coming back.

I recently read a blog from The New York Times Web site called Bats.  This is a blog all about baseball, (mainly NY major league teams).  It is a very interesting blog and it used a lot of the elements mentioned above.  In my blog I plan on incorporating photos, videos, and lots of links.


Foust’s Blogging Functions

The 6 Functions of Blogging by Foust are: Serves as commentary, provides a way of filtering and editing, allows for fact checking, promote grassroots reporting, adding annotative reporting or encourage open-source reporting and peer review.

Right now my blog uses 2 of  6 of Foust’s functions, open-source reporting and editing and fact checking.  

When reading over one of my blogs I found that I spelled something wrong so I went back changed.

L.A. Times Vs. Houston Chronicle

Our assignment this week was to compare two of the top 15 Web sites of 2008 according Nielsen Online.  From the list on the Nieman Journalism Lab, I chose The Los Angeles Times (ranked No.  4), because I hope to live there in the next year and I like to keep up with thier news, and The Houston Chronicle (ranked No. 11), because it’s a Texas magazine and I live here now.

In the opening page I found that the design of the L.A. Times was much more organized than the Houston Chronicle.  The Times contained a variety of large photos and video stills  of important stories and borders seperating each lead which creates more space in between that makes it look cleaner, whereas the Chronicle  has multiple thumbnails and story leads bunched together which creates too much clutter.  It’s hard to decide where to go first and which stories might be more important than others.

Both Web sites have photos and videos to put with their stories, but the other difference are the tab placements.  The Houston Chronicle puts thier tabs at the top for easy access and  The  L.A. Times puts them down the side.  Personally, I like the tabs at the top better, but for business purposes putting the tabs at down the side is better because it forces people to scroll down the whole page and it might make them read a story that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

A good online newspaper to check out if you’re from Denton, TX is the Denton Record Chronicle.


Soundslides Assignment

This is about my fourth sound slide that I have done.  I feel that I have improved since the first sound slide I did last semester, but I still have a lot to learn.  After doing this sound slide I learned that it is better to do the interview first, because you might get a better story than what you went into the interview trying to get.  I found a better story during my interview, but when going to edit, I found that I didn’t have enough of the right shots for the story I was going for.

New Semester, New Class

Today is my first day in the Multimedia News class (Jour 4210).  I am so excited to get started.  I took a class last semester that introduced me to multimedia and so many new programs, but the semester was too short to get a lot of practice with them.  I now know the basics for a lot of new programs, so I am hoping that this semester I will become more familiar with the programs so I can complete an assignment more quickly and on a deadline.  I am also hoping to get a lot more stills and videos to add to my portfolio so I can apply and get a good job.